Asterisk & Google Talk with application-specific passwords

asterisk google talk

Not long ago when I was travelling, I had to use my Gmail account to access some info I needed printed. I had no choice but to use an Internet cafe. This left me feeling rather uncomfortable, I really don’t like using publicly available computers, you never know what combination of malware/spyware/any-other-god-only-knows-what-ware these have on them.

After I was back at home I decided to switch on two-factor authentication on my Google account – this way I would significantly increase security of my account and next time I have to use my email on a public computer I won’t have nightmares afterwards! I am not going to get into too much details of what this involves, however part of the process is to generate an application-specific password for all the applications you use. Read more Asterisk & Google Talk with application-specific passwords