Brussels & Belgium

Brussels at night


Just a quick test post from flickr! Took me just about two months to go through some of holiday photos I took in Belgium. I suppose it might be a bit discouraging to go through just above 4000 of them (note to self – take less next time!).

We stayed in Brussels which is a great place to visit (very easy to get to using Eurostar, much more pleasant than flying in my opinion). Conveniently placed to travel to surrounding towns (with Ghent, Bruges & Antwerp just a short train journey away) and with lots to see & do. And of course the beer! Can’t remember the last time I’ve had so much of it but with the wonderful taste of Belgian lambics – who can resist!

The holiday was also a perfect opportunity to test the Nikon D90 which I had the pleasure of owning for a few good months now. Newly acquired Nikon 180mm f2.8 also made it to the camera bag I took with me. With a longer lens like this I had a chance to do some street photography without getting arrested!


I want to ride my bicycle…, originally uploaded by amerigo.

The trip also gave some use to Sigma’s 10-20mm which was not not seeing much action recently, spending more time gathering dust in the camera bug. Luckily there was enough space in the suitcase to take the tripod just in case there were some nice night time shot opportunities. We had quite a lot of fun finding new places to take photos using long exposures.

Brussels CentralBrussels Central, originally uploaded by amerigo.

All in all, really great holiday with plenty of photo taking opportunities! Highly recommended (especially if you like beer!).